Supreme K are metal complex liquid dyes especially conceived for dyeing and finishing leather. They are dilutable and completely miscible with glycols, acetates and alcohols, while they are compatible with water.

They are distinguished by their brilliant shades, good lightfastness and high resistance to water drop.

Their main properties could be listed as follows:

Supreme K dyes can be applied in combination with penetrating agent and polar solvents by spray application, rotary machine or curtain coater. Widely used in effect finishing with acrylic resin, casein binder, top, nitrocellulose and polyurethanes in emulsion form or in solvent solution.

If you need to operate in water system, add 1-2 % of Supreme K Additive to water, then Supreme K dyes can be completely diluted.

The following are the main applications:

In case of leather finishing application, suitable dilution could be 1:3 in case of application on white leather, up to dilution 1:20 - 1:30 in case of light application on coloured leather.

A typical formulation could be 30 parts of Supreme with 70 parts of caseine.

Supreme K dyes are not flammable and not dangerous for transport, reducing risks of manipulations and costs for trasport and storage.

If stored at temperature between 5°C and 40°C in their original packaging and tightly sealed, the shelf life of Supreme K dyes have to be considered of at least 9 months. Anyway products must be protected from frost and as much as possible from high temperature. Each time dye is taken out for application, containers must be tightly released, and the remaining content must be used as soon as possible. All information are based on the current state of our knowledge and on the results of our tests, but they are given without guarantee.

The Buyer remains responsible for verifying that the products are suitable for his intended process or purpose. Tests before the
industrial use of the product are recommended.

Supreme K Serie: