Диоксид титана компании KRONOS

KRONOS Worldwide, Inc.

Synonyms: Titania; Titanium(IV) oxide; Anatase; Rutile; nano-TiO2; Titaniatitanium dioxide; titanium oxide; titanium white; CI 77891, Pigment white 6, Titanic acid anhydride

Titandioxid Basic properties:

  • Very high lightening power
  • Good compatibility with film-forming material
  • Very good coverage
  • Very high moister resistance and atmospheric constancy
  • Nontoxicity
  • Chemical endurance

Titandioxid major applications

  • Paint-and-lacquer materials production
  • Plastic production
  • Rubber technical products production
  • Paper production
  • Chemical fibes production and other

Optical brightener OB – 1


  • For rigid PVC and other polymeric materials
  • Chemical name: 2,2-(1,2-ethenediyldi-4, 1-phenylene) bisbenzoxazole.
  • Optical brightener OB-1 adding in manufacture major materials in case to reduce yellow effect and to enhance whiteness and brightness of the product. OB-1 are commonly used in plastic market, thermal stability because of excellent bleaching power, thermal stability and compatibility with major polymers.
  • In a very small doses OB-1 bleaches PVC, PP, polyester, ABS, HIPS
  • PC, EVA are very cost-effective because with low price in small doses they have excellent result.

Продукция компании Cromatos, красители, пигменты


Cromatos s.r.l.

The company KSK Group is the official exclusive distributor for Cromatos products for special applications in Russian Federation.

Cromatos is a company leader in Europe for the production of dyes, pigments and chemicals for industry.

Our products are characterized by the high quality of workmanship and are certified according to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001.

Cromatos products are used for:

  • For colouring different types of paper, napkins, recycled paper, paper and carton for packaging, paper for contact with foodstuffs
  • Colouring leather and leather products for gartment industry, leather fancy goods, shoes, car manufacturing, furniture manufacture and luxury items
  • In textile industry, dyestuffs, woollens, cotton fabric, silk fabric, synthetic fabric
  • In different industrials sectors including natural stone coloring, fibres from vegetable raw material, oils, imitation leather, polyurethane and so on
  • In food industry, synthetic water-soluble dyes series corresponding to the European standards and also foodstuff dyes are commonly used in beverage industry, cosmetics industry and personal care kits.